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New Electronic Fusion Album 171 released!

My latest clou is the electronic fusion 10-tracker "171" which was released on November 21/17. I would love to have you checking it out! Enjoy.

Also stay tuned for its diverse sibling Subaqueous Structures that will be out soon (December/January maybe?).


Given that you still enjoy to actually listen to music, and you love original music that wasn't made with the ordinary mainstream audience in mind... Congrats! You're at the right place. I mainly produce genre-crossing instrumental music in my studio and also record drums and guitars for other artists.

Check out the "Works"-Section where i provide online booklets, artwork and my free audio player.

Thanks for your visit and your ears. Hope you enjoy my music and share it with the world!

171 Album Cover



171 Album Cover


Only Album Cover

Functional Disorder

Functional Disorder Album Cover


Sham Album Cover


214 Album Cover

General Wasting

General Wasting Album Cover