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Twitter just decided to give me the 'moments' feature, what's a nice thing to sort tweets around a specific topic.

So i started to document the making of my next project, the ambient album, on a dedicated twitter moments stream that makes it very easy to follow my progress without all the random tweeting. Twitter recommends to have only about 10 tweets in a moment, but what the crap! :)

Check out the "making of..." twitter moment! You don't need to be a registered twitter user to read my tweets.

ambient guitar album update...

The writing process is over, all tracks for my next album are written and demo-ed. It will be a very quiet album with 10 wonderful pieces of ambient music. More info and teasers coming soon(tm).

I'm looking forward to record the album during October. If i can manage to release by the end of November it will be my third album in 12 months! A year ago i never would have thought to have such a high creative output in 2016.

Thanks to all supporters! I hope you're slowly getting excited. See you soon ;)

PS: A new website is also in the works to feature the new album prominently.

Ambient Music

I've started working on a new album, mainly an ambient guitar project. Learn more

Album Release

My latest clou "Functional Disorder", a full-length rock album that is heavily influenced by dark and aggressive genres like metal, shoegaze and post-rock, has been released on its dedicated webpage!

The album contains 10 tracks, starting with the epic opener "Creeping Process", going through the "Synapse" trilogy, the super moody "Into a deeper shade", not to forget about the enormous title track (a 15 minutes long prog-metal monster) - just to name a few corners.

You can learn more about the main inspiration for this album in this blog post.

Download Functional Disorder on bandcamp like always. If you're new to my music also check out the special sale to get all of my albums even cheaper than they already are.

Of course you can also stream the album over bandcamp, a few times for free. I will also set up Baboom in a short while. Stay tuned and thanks for all the fish.


The FD Teaser track 'Sanity Lost' is here! Get ready to rock!

FD Release Date!

I finally have a release date for "Functional Disorder", it's MARCH 28! Bookmark the official album page, bandcamp and baboom and don't miss the special release offers. Also look forward to the track "Sanity Lost" that i will release as teaser/single shortly.

The story of "Functional Disorder"

The new longplayer is freshly mastered and sounding great! I will soon come up with a release date. But before that i need a rest (making FD was very intense), create more artwork and the final album website - and talk about the project. Please read the Story of Functional Disorder here


My latest album SHAM is also available on the up and coming streaming platform now. If i understood it correctly everybody has 100 songs free before being asked to join. I recommend to become a pro member right from the start and support independent artists. They work hard to bring you the joy of music. Stream SHAM on!

Functional Disorder

It's that time again when a new album is in the works and the recordings are about to be 85,74% finished. Making "Functional Disorder" is an intense experience, both, emotionally and musically. I just opened a teaser page with some concept art and sound snippet. Check it out!


A song from the SHAM album, Shelter, is featured in a Minecraft Tribute Video i've made. Read more about it...


It's that time of the year when everybody's getting ready for Christmas. Not me, i'm making a short resume of 2015 and big plans...

BTW, i've just re-re-programmed my homepage yesterday. I hope it was the last time for the next couple of hours.

Axel Ludwigs Diskret!

I had the pleasure to be part of Axel Ludwig's project "Diskret!" The first songs "So gern erreicht" and "Anteilnahme" have been released on the Diskret! Website. Also don't miss to read my personal release statement.


The new album is here! View the online booklet and get the whole thing on Bandcamp, entirely free for the first 48 hours! Sit back, relax and enjoy SHAM.

Friday the 13th

My new album will be released into the world wild web on - what better date could be - Friday, the 13th of November 2015.


The first 'single' from my new album Sham has been released! It's the beautiful acoustic pop rock song 'Journey'. Listen and learn more.


I've recorded a new album that i'm currently mixing. It's time for a teaser page...

214's first anniversary

A year ago i released my album '214' and i am proud that it has been downloaded a few hundred times! I appreciate that very much. Please read this birthday post, follow #214album on twitter and visit its official website


The 'Sadflowers' trilogy has been completed. It isn't exactly experimental music, but the experimental part here was that i never made music like that before. Normally i concentrate on rich music that's influenced by positive stuff, to take sadness as inspiration is a bit new too me. Also, the piano really isn't my main instrument... hope you like 'Sadflowers' anyway ;)
Have a listen in the trilogy section...

bonus track:

There's another special edit of a track from the '214' album. It's the trancy prog mix of 'Momentum'. Enjoy!


The next trilogy has been started! 'Sadflowers' is all about tearily piano songs.
You can listen to part 1 here, but don't do it when you're depressed or already sad.

blog post:

I finally made some progress with my next album.


'Stromfluss' is a trilogy of wonderful drone soundscapes. Here's the SoundCloud link to the set: Stromfluss. Also check out the 'trilogies' category for more experimental music.


The punk rock trilogy 'over the rim' has been completed! Listen to the set under 'trilogies' or on SoundCloud. Feel free to share the link: Over the rim.

blog post:

I found a superb (and free) plugin that simulates Roland's JX-8P.

breaking: just relaunched again. I just had some ideas for the layout that i wanted to realize. Most important is that i've said goodbye to external blogging platforms like tumblr, wordpress and most recently I never felt at home at those places. From now on i will post everything worth mentioning here on my homepage. While my old blogs still exist, i only will transfer the most relevant posts...


Functional Disorder

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