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Music means everything to me. For more than 40 years i am making music, behind the drums and as composer/guitarist in my own studio. That's a long time. Kids grew up, bandmates passed, hearts fell in love and got broken, composers started using algorithms instead of emotions (interesting concept tho), bands split up - and some even reunited without me :) - but through good or bad times, music has always been there to give me strength... or simply enjoyment.

Coming up with new original music is my focus. My sacret place of destination is my studio, a candle-lit room where i'm alone, maybe with some red wine, playing my ass off. This way i produce genre-crossing instrumental music. Each and every album is another archetype.

If you want to support me, most of my music can be found on amazon, spotify, itunes and other important services. Check out the "Works"-Section to learn more.

Thanks for your visit and your ears. Hope you enjoy my music and share it with the world!

"Paradise is exactly like where you are right now. Only much, much better." (Laurie Anderson)

New Rock Album in the works!

Expect more information soon. Album release will happen in 2019.


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A Door
This is just a photo of a beautiful door.



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Functional Disorder

Functional Disorder Album Cover


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General Wasting

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