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About '171'

The successor of '214' is an eclectic album with 10 catchy tracks that bring back the retro sound of the 80's, in combination with modern sounds and selected guitar parts - electronic fusion. It wouldn't be a Hoffmeister album if there weren't progressive arrangements, heavy kick drums and expressive melodies as well.

The making of 171 helped me getting through hard times. Anyway, the album has got a high fun level, it's catchy indeed, like super cool - and probably holds the most beautiful song i've ever written... can you tell which one it is?

It's straighter and more danceable than its predecessor, the addition of the guitar pleases the tracks and overall, 171 makes you stare at the peak meter (if you still know what that is) with pleasure - there's much dynamic going on, quite uncommon for electronic music nowadays. Enough words, turn up the volume, listen to 171 and enjoy.


  • Type: Longplayer, Album
  • Media: Stream, Download
  • Release Date: November 21 / 2017
  • Songs: 10
  • Playtime: 44:18
  • Style: Electronic Fusion, melodic, instrumental, retro...
  • Instrumentation: Synthesizers, Sequencers, Drum Maschines, Guitars...
  • Record Label: 704572 Records DK (DK UPC: 192378414623)

Listen to '171' (Excerpt)


  • No Revolution II
  • RedOne
  • Whatta