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About 'Only'

An ambient, but also very melodic album. Expressive Guitars go hand in hand with heterogenous keyboard parts, sequences, drones and even discreet drum beats here and there.

Didn't turn out to be exactly as minimal and ambient as it was planned, so there's a bit more to discover than atmospheric drones and soundscapes. After all, the music represents my calm and peaceful state of mind, what makes it very different to its predecessor

The first Hoffmeister album that has a 'classic' album length which means it would fit on one side of a MC 90 - if such things are important to you. And it's the first #ambientMetal album in the history of music! Enough kidding, enjoy listening to 'Only', don't forget to support me and share my work with your people. Thx!


  • Type: Longplayer, Album
  • Media: Stream, Download
  • Release Date: December 16 / 2016
  • Songs: 10
  • Playtime: 44:43
  • Style: Ambient, melodic, slow, instrumental, minimal...
  • Instrumentation: Electric and acoustic guitars, keys, bass, drum machine...
  • Record Label: 704572 Records DK (DK UPC: 840094271739)


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The album 'Only' does not contain super loud music. I recommend to listen to it not too loud in a quiet surrounding on a good stereo system (best without any equalizing) or decent headphones. Of course, that's up to you. I believe that 'Only' sounds gorgeous everywhere! Close your eyes.

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  • Midnight Ice
  • Only
  • Always Never
  • October
  • Moving on
  • Decades
  • The Osprey
  • In The Cobweb
  • People
  • Pacified Valley