Sham Album Cover
Sham Wasting Album Back

Sham | remixed/remastered 2017

About 'Sham'

No, there are no machines on this album. And no keyboards, too. "Sham" focuses on acoustic guitars, clean guitars, bass and real drums. Its work-title was "Kitchen Music" because many of the tracks were written on a classical guitar in my kitchen.

The original version always sounded a little too over-processed to me. In Summer 2017 i finally remixed and remastered the whole album. During that process i fell in love with those songs again. It really was worth it to add more transparency and dynamics to them

While most of the 15 tracks have a soft jazzy (Chica) or even poppy feel (journey), some songs are a bit darker (wish) or experimental (drive). Musicians take care, there are odd-meters everywhere. "Normal" listeners: Don't think about it, simply enjoy!


  • Type: Longplayer, Album
  • Media: Stream, Download
  • Original Release Date: November 13 / 2015
  • Re-Released: October 13 / 2017
  • Songs: 15
  • Playtime: 54:47
  • Style: Acoustic Rock, Latin Jazz, instrumental, progressive, fusion...
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitars, E-Guitars, Real Drums, Bass Guitar.
  • Record Label: 704572 Records DK (DK UPC: 192378825399)


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The original version is still available on bandcamp

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  • Frame
  • Gap
  • Birth
  • Drive
  • Chica
  • Funland
  • Koffein
  • Wish
  • Kastell
  • Journey
  • Shelter
  • Tanz
  • M31
  • Hood
  • Sham