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About 'Sham'

Contrary to "214" this album contains no keyboards or pianos. "Sham" (Deutsch: Schein/Augenwischerei) focuses on acoustic guitars, clean guitars and real drums. Its work-title was "Kitchen Music" because many of the tracks were written on a classical guitar in my kitchen.

The album is my answer to 'traditionalists' who still think that digital download albums are not the real thing. I'm virtually playing my ass off and put months of work in an album, but hey, it's only sham! Jerks

While most of the 15 tracks have a soft jazzy (Chica) or even poppy feel (journey), some songs are a bit darker (wish) or experimental (drive). Musicians take care, there are odd-meters everywhere. "Normal" listeners: Enjoy!


  • Type: Longplayer, Album
  • Media: Stream, Download (mp3, flac, ogg)
  • Release Date: November 13 / 2015
  • Songs: 15
  • Playtime: 54:47
  • Style: Acoustic Rock, Latin Jazz, instrumental, progressive, fusion...
  • Instrumentation: Acoustic guitars, E-Guitars, real drums, bass guitar.


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  • Frame
  • Gap
  • Birth
  • Drive
  • Chica
  • Funland
  • Koffein
  • Wish
  • Kastell
  • Journey
  • Shelter
  • Tanz
  • Hood
  • M31
  • Sham