Markus Hoffmeister is a German drummer, guitar player and composer. He was born in the 'Revolver' year and started drumming in 1977.

A few years and a couple of early band formations and small gigs later he was educated in the Dante Agostini method of drumming by the remarkable Jazz-Drummer Otfried Stanzel.

After fruitless attempts of his sister to teach him guitar, he finally would discover the 6 strings on his own in the mid 80's. Immediately he felt the urge to write original music...

...unfortunately this talent never really came to the surface since young Markus spend all his time on the drum throne of numerous local bands.

Anyway, in the early 90's he discovered the world of 4-track recorders and midi sequencers. Finally he could fill tons of cassettes with his musical ideas and get deeper into composition.

By the end of the century he also worked for a professional studio as co-producer and house writer, mainly using his pseudonym 'h-master', while still doing stage work as drummer.

After the sudden death of his last band in 2004 he decided to retire from stage and concentrate on producing his own music in his home studio.

In 2009 Markus Hoffmeister wrote a musical for a local church band, based on the movie "Das Leben ist schön". Due to the unlucky situation of the band at that time this work still remains to be unreleased to date, but Markus has plans to turn it into an instrumental rock opera at one day in the future.

Also, in the millenial years, he became to be a successful drum teacher in his local area - and still loves torturing his students with all kinds of paradiddles and odd-meters.

Since Markus finished his retrospective 'General Wasting' in 2013, he fully concentrates on creating new original music. Five more longplayers have followed since GW and Markus is consequently developing his style and workflow, already planning the next project...

November 2016