Axel Ludwig's Diskret!

posted November 15 / 2015

30 years ago, i was the drummer of a band called "Axel Ludwig und die Freundliche Unterstützung" (Axel Ludwig and the Friendly Support) and we had our first gig at a rock festival in the local municipal hall, on November 15/1985.

However, i left the band about 6 years later which unexpectedly led to its end. I still remained to stay friends with the members and couldn't forget the great music we used to make together. So the years passed by...

To tell a long story short, Axel, who wrote all the songs, finally sent a mail to all of us ex-members, asking for our "friendly support" again. That was in 2013. With the new home-recording possibilities of today (which nobody could even dream about back in the 80's), Axel wanted to record all of his songs with an up-to-date sound and without the usual rehearsal chaos and studio stress. We're not getting younger.

Already the same afternoon, i've sent Axel the drum part for the song "Schlaflied". I was really under fire, burning for this project. Just a few weeks later, Axel asked me to also play some guitars. He was impressed by my album 'General Wasting' and thought my playing could be a nice addition. So i took the guitar, learned song after song and started off.

In the meantime it became obvious that the other ex-members of the band didn't share Axel's and my passion for the project. That was due to many different reasons, no harm done...

After all, Axel (keys, vocals, mix) and me (drums, guitars) finished "Diskret!" almost alone, with most of the bass parts played by our ex-bandmate Ralf J. Seiltgens.

Axel Ludwig put 3 volumes together, with about 30 or more songs (i stopped counting them one day) in total. He is going to release song after song on the dedicated website (in German, but you'll find the music):

The music has many Wow!-moments and the lyrics go straight under the skin. You actually wouldn't believe that these songs were originally written in the 80's. Axel only changed very few lines to make them fit into this millennium. Just close your eyes and enjoy!

Diskret! is still a bit "work in progress". You can expect re-mixes and of course tons of new (old) songs in the future. Please bookmark, make a donation (-> Download -> Danke) and write your feedback to "axels.fu(at)".

I must say that it was much work to record the stuff, but it also was a great experience and still is a big pleasure to be involved in this project.

Thank you, Axel, for writing such great songs and trusting in my abilities. And thank YOU for reading this wall of text - and for your friendly support.

Axel Ludwigs Diskret! Album Cover