December '15 Recap and Future Projects

Bad news first: The blues rock power trio i was asked to join (on drums) is on hold, or even terminated, due to a disease of the bandleader. I hope he's getting well soon and we'll have another try in 2016.


After all, 2015 was a productive year, and it still is. I finished recording drums and guitars on Volumes 1, 2 & 3 of Diskret!, a project by German singer, piano player and songwriter Axel Ludwig. The first songs have been released, i've written a release note, and Axel is going to upload new music every now and then.

Trilogy of Trilogies!

I also was able to create a trilogy of trilogies, had some fun with punk (over the rim), drones (stromfluss) and sad pianos (sadflowers). You can find them on my SoundCloud. It's already December, Christmas is near, don't expect another trilogy this year. But i really like this concept, so who knows...

SHAM and...

My highlight was the release of the album SHAM. I want to release another video and make a bit more promo this month, but take it easy. The music is timeless - and December isn't the right month for speeding things up.

In other news i already started working on the next longplayer, only 1 week after SHAM's release. I have many folders of possible projects open, but this one took momentum. I already tracked 2 drum parts and some basic tracks. This album is going to be very dark, pathetic, angry, epic, metal.

Thank you all, you rare visitors, for your support, friendship - and for your ears. Never stop the music!