The story of Functional Disorder

posted March 7 / 2016

Alzheimer's Disease is a terrible thing. Not only that it is uncurable, it slowly takes away a person's mind. Unstoppable. It isn't just about losing orientation and forgetting how to dress. Alzheimer dementia makes people go insane. Sooner or later the whole characteristical spirit of a person ends in smoke.

Since quite a few years i knew that something was wrong with my father. Very silently he stopped doing all the little things he had always loved to do. He stopped drawing, he stopped crafting, became more and more unorganized and confused. He completely lost the ability to focus. Today he is highly confused, not able to make any proper decision or finish a sentence that makes sense. That's because my father got Alzheimer.

I hate this fact. Listen, it's not like they say in the magazines and medical articles, that you can deal with it by just changing your daily routines and buying simple clothing... and that life is still wonderful, even with Alzheimer, and tomorrow is a new day and the sun will shine again, blah blah blah!

Having a family member or friend with Alzheimer isn't a fairy tale with a happy end. In truth it's a very hard and emotional process! And no matter what you do, it won't get better, the disease will not disappear...


The album Functional Disorder is my answer to the experiences i've made recently, when i got directly confronted with that terrifying Alzheimer issue. BTW, thank you for reading this far! I know how disturbing and frightening this topic is. You probably came here to have a good time - and now that! Sorry.

Functional Disorder isn't a calm answer, no, it's an angry record about broken synapses and a brain that slowly goes crazy. I am musically describing this creeping process with all its bad blood and moments of falling helplessly into a deeper shade.

It's a dark instrumental metal album with many post-rock and shoegaze influences. There are moments of sadness as well, but most of the time it's aggressive and straight to the point in a prog-metal way. Not what your Neurologist would prescribe, i guess.

Don't get me wrong! I really enjoyed it very much to make Functional Disorder. It was great fun. I feel how i improved as a musician and producer. And after all, this project helped me to see a bit clearer and find my place in the situation. All's good.

Again, thanks for reading this. Feel free to share everything about me on the world wild web. Thanks for the support.

The picture below is an early artwork and not the final album cover. But it already presents the accurate track list. Please also visit the FD homepage!

FD early artwork