JX-8P / PG8X

posted in May 2015

NO, that's not the golden robot in Star Wars! It's a synthesizer of the company Roland which released the thing in 1985 or so. It was the bigger (so it seemed) brother of the Roland JX-3P, which itself was the biggest rival of Yamaha's super famous DX-7. At that time.

After all, the DX-7 became to be a legend, the 3P left forgotten (as well as the 100k worth Fairlight, which is now available for a few cents... as phone app), but the JX-8P somehow gained a loyal followership, if i can believe the forum posts...

Over the years i've checked many synth copycats, many tried to recreate 8P's state-of-the-art pad sound 'soundtrack'... all failed. 'Soundtrack' was somewhat of an originator. It's unique and ultimate.

My story of the day is that i was just looking for "free vst instruments" today... and finally found an very accurate 8P emulator, the kind of things you are looking for since what feels like 30 years.

A man named Martin Lüders came up with the plugin pg8x and made it available for free. It's brilliant.

I had some trouble with loading the soundbanks but it was my fault (if you ignore the sad fact that there is no documentation available)...

Tip: If you're on Cubase, load pg8x in the virtual instruments window (F11), but load soundbanks with the button in the gui, not the usual cubase way.

After i've figured that out, i was blown away. And it's the first time ever that i've heard a 'Soundtrack' sound that's really close to the original. I can finally write music for this specific sound :)

And this vst plugin is free? So many 'free' stuff out there that is crap. But the pg8x i can deeply recommend.

This made my day.

PG8X Plugin