No Revolution 2

posted November 7 / 2017

Here it is, 171's first teaser track!

Just like 3 years ago when the first part of 'No Revolution' was released to promote the album '214', it's the job of the second part, No Revolution 2, to make you hot for '171' - that will be out on November 21.

The song again has got that sad undertone like its predecessor. But it still transports a positive feel, never gets too dark.

A catchy drum part, forceful basses and some beautiful melodies, covered in the warm retro synthesizer sound of the 80's (with some guitars added), all that makes No Revolution II being a groovy and delightful track.

Listen to the song right here or on SoundCloud. You can also download the mp3 for free until November 21/2017.


  • No Revolution 2
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