Skeyavil Theme 2016

posted November 26 / 2016

Skeyavil is a fantasy kingdom, an idea that was born in 2007 if i remember correctly. The soundtrack was made for the Elder Scrolls Mod Skeyavil, which unfortunately never reached release status.

Some years later the track became to be the official anthem of my Skeyavil Minecraft multiplayer server, and the citizens seemed to like it.

I always had plans to re-create the track, because i wasn't too happy with its synthetic sounds and short playtime. But other projects always were in the way.

When former team member "Mangelware" asked for the midi files (she made a version for Minecraft Noteblocks!) the time was right, so i just started working on the '16 version and finished it after a couple of days.

The Skeyavil theme has been re-arranged and i've written some new parts, but most importantly i've used the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sound library to bring the epic track to life.

Thanks to the author of SSO, Mattias Westlund, for making the sample library free and open-source. So i didn't need to hire the London Symphony Orchestra.


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