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A sign of life and a new album...

Oktober 19/2018 After months of silence it's about time for a sign of life. I've been working hard throughout the year, writing new material, drumming like crazy and playing with my new "girl", an japanese beauty with big humbuckers and a very sexy shape. A very satisfying experience ;)

Now seriously: The new album is coming together!

Drums have been tracked and i'm currently doing guitar soundchecks and test recordings. Artwork is also getting along. Yes, when you work alone things have to be done one after another. This album takes a long time compared to my previous albums. I decided to just let it be. New album will be released early 2019 and i'm fine with it. It's worth the wait.

I also decided to put the "subaqueous structures" project on ice. Somehow i've lost the momentum, other project got more present, the emotional connection went down the drain... The album will come later or never, i don't know.

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading.

Axel Ludwig's Vol.3

March 21/2018 With the release of Vol.3 my good friend Axel Ludwig has finished his album trilogy "Diskret!" which is a complete compilation of the great music he created with his ambitious band "Die freundliche Unterstützung" about 33 years ago.

I helped Axel implementing this huge project by tracking the drums and virtually hundreds of guitar parts. Like i've mentioned in earlier posts, i'm very glad that Axel gave me the chance to bring myself in.

And i'm very happy with the result! Axel really did a great job with the production, i can tell you. Organizing a shitload of work and mixing all those many parts together is quite a heavy task that Axel - in countless hours - managed to complete. Not to mention his own musical work, playing keyboards and singing lead vocals and choirs.

Give a visit and listen to any playlist. It's enormous music with giant lyrics (german) that will change your life to the better. Period.


February 2/2018 January went by like a blink. There's a lot of family business going on, many things to worry about. All that can't stop me from making music, of course. So i spent as much time as possible practising guitar and drums. I jammed quite a lot and started demo-ing some new guitar-based ideas. Not sure where it's going to lead me yet, but i enjoy the creative process.

I still have trouble to get into the right mindset to finish the 'Subaqueous Structures' album. Nobody ever told me that it is so fricking hard to make ambient music!

Let me thank everybody who supported me over the last year, please continue to do so :) Remember, my recent album '171' sounds pretty good on itunes and spotify, check it out.

New Music, Album Projects and Various Notes

171 Release!

November 21/2017 The new thing is ready to rock. There were times this year when i didn't believe that i could ever finish that album, but heck, yes, here it is! Don't let us waste anymore time, just go on and listen to 171. Enjoy this electronic fusion album and let me know what you think...









171 Countdown! Preview Week...

November 14/2017 In the week before the release of '171' i preview the album, one track per day.

Go on and listen to a new song every day around midday, headquarter time.

The official teaser track 'No Revolution 2' is available for free on the homepage and SoundCloud.

171 - new Album comes November 21

November 7/2017 Finally i got a release date for my latest work, the retro electronic fusion album '171'...

The 10-Tracker will go live over bandcamp and the homepage on November 21. The usual streaming services will follow as soon as possible.

I'm also looking forward to release a teaser track this Thursday, Nov 9!
A TEASER TRACK just has been released! It's the song 'No Revolution 2' and it is available for free on the homepage and SoundCloud.

No Revolution 2 Teaser Track

Stay tuned and thanks for the patience.

SHAM - Album remixed/remastered

October 22/2017 Almost 2 years ago i released a fusion jazz album and called it 'sham'. Strange enough, i never was too happy about the way it sounded.

To tell a long story short, this summer i've remixed and remastered those 15 track. And know what? I'm happy now.

Drums sound warmer, more natural and stand more on top of the mix. Bass Guitar also got more character. Guitars have been tweaked. The album as a whole features more dynamics and transparency.

Some changes may be very subtle but i believe 'sham 17' is way better sounding than the original...

Hear by yourself

You can find the new version (new artwork as well) on its official page, as well as on Amazon Spotify iTunes and GooglePlay.

Sham '17 Cover

The original version of the album is still available over in my bandcamp.

Only on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay...

August 18/2017 Great news! Finally some really great news! It's exciting.

I have the great pleasure to announce the appearance of my latest album 'only' on Spotify, iTunes and GooglePlay today. Check out how great it sounds!

More hip music sites will follow, check back soon (and follow my twitter) to get the links. Feel free to spread the word, don't hold back. I appreciate your support!

It's only a matter of time that my other albums will appear on those important platforms as well. It requires some magical remastery here and there, but that's no big deal. Stay tuned.

New Music

Regarding my current projects: "171" has been recorded and mixed entirely and will be mastered next week. It's one dirty beast of instrumental EDM. I love it.

For now i'm working hard on the electronic ambient album "Subaqueous Structures". It's coming together nicely.

Thanks for your visit, have a great time ;)

Subaqueous Structures, 171 and other things.

May 23/2017 If you're following me on twitter you may have heard already that something bad happened to me shortly after i'd written the last post. Something that set me under extreme stress, forced me to pack my seven things and leave my flat to temporarily live on the next park bench.

I'm kidding. I didn't need to sleep on a bench. But the rest is true. Anyway... more than 8 weeks and numerous mental breakdowns later, i finally do see a little light on the horizon. At least i'm telling me that.

I'm expecting to be back at home aka my Studio by the end of June. Then i will finally be able to continue working on my next two albums, "171" and "Subaqueous Structures" (Title revealed!) So long, stay wet.

New Albums coming this summer

March 15/2017 At first, many thanks to all of you for the all-positive feedback on my last album 'only'. I hope you are looking forward to my next clou. It's coming!

I've started cooking the successor of '214' a few weeks ago. So it's going to be an electronic album that will also feature some guitar parts this time - after '214' was totally guitar-free. BTW, my twitter buddy @ShadowsOfLife0 was the first who guessed the title right: 171

And there's a second project going on, which will be more experimental and ambient than the edm-based '171'. More about both projects soon...

Diskret! Volume 2

January 18/2017 German singer Axel Ludwig has released Volume 2 of his extensive "Diskret!" project last month. He also remixed Volume 1 and is already hard working to finish Volume 3, which will complete this remarkable trilogy.

I have tracked all drums and guitars, and wrote a personal release note...

Even if you don't understand German, check this stuff out! It's well-arranged handplayed rock music with many catchy riffs and beautiful moments. Diskret! is available for FREE on Axel's homepage

ONLY Release

December 16/2016 I've released my take on ambient music today. The album 'only' contains 10 calm but catchy tracks and simply sounds amazing imo.

Make sure to check out if i'm right! Listen to it here and get your digital copy on bandcamp.

Only Album Art

Thanks for your support! Enjoy.

Skeyavil Theme 2016

I completely re-arranged the Skeyavil soundtrack and composed brandnew parts!

Listen to the version 2016 of the epic Skeyavil Theme.

Skeyavil Cover

New Website/Release Date

What an exciting day! I revamped my homepage and finally came up with an official release date and title for my new album.

The ambient guitar/synth album 'Only' is going to be released on December 16. Mark that in your calendar! The album is beautiful!


Twitter just rolled out the 'moments' feature, what's a nice thing to sort tweets around a specific topic.

So i started to document the making of my next project, the ambient album, on a dedicated twitter moments stream that makes it very easy to follow my progress without all the random tweeting. Twitter recommends to have only about 10 tweets in a moment, but what the crap! :)

Update: Ambient Guitar Album

The writing process is over, all tracks for my next album are written and demo-ed. It will be a very quiet album with 10 wonderful pieces of ambient music. More info and teasers coming soon(tm).

I'm looking forward to record the album during October. If i can manage to release by the end of November it will be my third album in 12 months! A year ago i never would have thought to have such a high creative output in 2016.

Thanks to all supporters! I hope you're slowly getting excited. See you soon ;)

PS: A new website is also in the works to feature the new album prominently.

Album Release

My latest clou "Functional Disorder", a full-length rock album that is heavily influenced by dark and aggressive genres like metal, shoegaze and post-rock, has been released on its dedicated webpage!

The album contains 10 tracks, starting with the epic opener "Creeping Process", going through the "Synapse" trilogy, the super moody "Into a deeper shade", not to forget about the enormous title track (a 15 minutes long prog-metal monster) - just to name a few corners.

You can learn more about the main inspiration for this album in this blog post.

Download Functional Disorder on bandcamp like always. If you're new to my music also check out the special sale to get all of my albums even cheaper than they already are.

Of course you can also stream the album over bandcamp, a few times for free. Stay tuned and thanks for all the fish.

The story of Functional Disorder

The new longplayer is freshly mastered and sounding great! I will soon come up with a release date. But before that i need a rest (making FD was very intense), create more artwork and the final album website - and talk about the project. Please read the Story of Functional Disorder here

December Recap '15

It's that time of the year when everybody's getting ready for Christmas. Not me, i'm making a short resume of 2015 and big plans...

Axel Ludwigs Diskret!

I had the pleasure to be part of Axel Ludwig's project "Diskret!" Axel Ludwig is a German Singer, Songwriter and Keyboardist. I even played drums in his band about 30 years ago!

The first songs "So gern erreicht" and "Anteilnahme" have been released on the Diskret! Website. Also don't miss to read my personal release statement.


The new album is here! View the online booklet and get the whole thing on Bandcamp, entirely free for the first 48 hours! Sit back, relax and enjoy SHAM.

214's first anniversary

A year ago i released my album '214' and i am proud that it has been downloaded a few hundred times!

I appreciate that very much.

Please read this birthday post, check out #214album on twitter and visit its official website


I found a superb (and free) plugin that simulates Roland's JX-8P.


171 Album Cover


Only Album Cover

Functional Disorder

Functional Disorder Album Cover


Sham Album Cover


214 Album Cover

General Wasting

General Wasting Album Cover